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Today is the day we change the GAME!

A year into the pandemic, one of the biggest challenges that continue to persist for companies is HOW do you instill long-lasting, transformational behavioural AND financial results within your organization?

Well, my friends, today I’m BEYOND excited to finally share with you my game-changing new program that will drive the results your company desires.

Introducing: Customer Experience (CX) Mastery

(CX) Mastery, led by myself, Crystal D’Cunha, is designed to bring fundamental, progressive change to your organization while creating an autonomous, positive culture. CX Mastery is an innovative, strategic and highly accountable approach to training your team and bringing excellence to your organization that will IGNITE your leaders, EXCITE your employees and DELIGHT your customers so they are loyal FOR LIFE!

So, what’s involved in this groundbreaking new program?

The framework of CX Mastery involves a comprehensive ecosystem of seven competencies, synergistically working together to drive sustained, extraordinary, behavioural change in your organization. This proven, results-driven method will immediately shift the way your company approaches CX in every single element of your organization. 

What can I expect from CX Mastery?

  • An eight-week intensive of Industry-leading, proven, transformational strategies
  • Access to a vibrant, global, CX-focused community
  • Responsive to today’s unique challenges
  • Interactive and expert-led learning experience, designed with busy, full-time professionals in mind
  • Weekly interactive virtual training and self-paced study
  • Receive certification as a CX Experience Master

Government Funding Available!

Through the Canada Ontario Job Grant, you can receive up to 80% of the cost of the course covered! By reaching out to us today, we will assign you a funding specialist to help set you up for success through this government-funded opportunity. 

The team that learns together, grows together, and as we navigate these ever-changing times, the one thing that remains constant is the way people remember their customer experience through a company or organization. And CX Mastery will give your company the upper hand to thrive beyond the pandemic!

The 7 steps to Customer Experience Mastery include:

  • Vision Vitals How do you practice your Vision, Mission, Culture, and Brand Promise every day? In 2021 It’s not enough to just memorize it – It’s time to action these daily!
  • Lovesick Leadership In order to see success in a customer experience strategy, leaders need to understand their role in the organizational adoption and accountability of Customer Experience Design.
  • Culture Connection – Creating a customer-centric culture is a non-negotiable in organizations that wish to be sustainable, and profitable in the 21st century!
  • Design to DelightIn the new world we all live in, organizations must be vulnerable and open to understanding the Voice of Employee(VOE) and Voice of Customer(VOC) to gain valuable, priceless customer insights and an understanding of their emotional needs. 
  • Trusting Top Talent By designing and improving every element of the Employee experience organizations are able to cultivate a culture of success from the inside out. 
  • Sales & Service Mastery Metrics, measurements and ROI are a key component to Customer Experience Design. However… what’s changed is getting clear on what to measure!
  • Coaching Confidence A Customer Experience strategy must be consistently coached; by celebrating the CX wins and coaching positive behaviours, we see a mindset shift creating leaders who are passionate about every element of CX

My friend, get ready to transform your employee engagement, your customer satisfaction and your profitability in 2021!

We’d be delighted to chat and see if Customer Experience Mastery, a transformative 8-week program is the right fit for your organizational leaders!

I can’t wait to join you and your company on your customer experience journey!

Design Experience to Delight, 

Crystal D’Cunha

Cief Experience Officer,

The INSIDE View Inc.

Inside View.


(315) 5512-2579

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