Getting Ahead of the
CX Curve

Can you relate to these pain points?

How do I keep up with new technologies and automations?

How can I keep my team motivated?

How can I engage new customers when customer expectations have changed?

Since 2020, Customer Experience has taken over as the key brand differentiator.

84% of companies that work to improve their Customer Experience report an increase in revenue.

CX is your customer’s perception of how your brand makes them feel. These feelings drive their behaviour and create memories that can be AMAZING or … not so amazing!

Session Details

Types of Delivery

  • Keynote
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Full Day Workshop

Speaker Format

  • Virtual
  • In-person

Who should attend?

  • Summits, conferences, & associations
  • Individuals looking to accelerate business growth
  • Organizations struggling to get the details right


Audiences Will Learn…

We teach leaders the framework needed to start the Customer Experience (CX) Design process.

Week 1_ Vision Vitals

Customer Experience (CX) strategies you can implement NOW that will drastically improve CX and Profitability In just 12 months

Week 2_ Lovesick Leadership

Key elements of the Customer Experience (CX) & Design thinking methodology

Week 6_ Sales & Service Mastery

How innovative Customer Experience (CX) technologies can boost business results upwards of 20% in just 12 months

Week 5_ Trusting Top Talent

How customer-centric organizations will drive competitive advantage

Crystal D’Cunha will help you:

IGNITE leaders and align your organizational culture with the changing world.

EXCITE employees and attract top talent through an exceptional culture.

DELIGHT customers through every interaction on their journey.

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What people are saying

Crystal was the keynote speaker at Niagara College’s NCTakeOff’s annual pitch competition! She was amazing and brought so many practical tips and tricks to emerging student entrepreneurs. I couldn’t stop taking notes throughout her talk and I’m looking forward to applying them as I continue on in my career. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker for your event I cannot recommend Crystal enough!

Madi Fuller

Manager at Niagara College’s NCTakeOff

Crystal is a dynamic speaker that can engage any audience. Crystal has shared her expertise in journey mapping and the customer experience to our international graduate students for several years now – she is a “must have” on our speaker list! Our students have been fortunate to have a sought out thought leader in sales/customer experience in our classroom to bring learning to life. 

Marisa Brown Career

Career Curriculum Specialist at Brock University

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Shaping the Leadership Landscape

Award-winning executive and globally acclaimed speaker

Shaping the Leadership Landscape

Award-winning executive and globally acclaimed speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in having Crystal speak at my organization. Where can I find a proposal package to show my executive leadership team?

Download our speaker’s package and share it with your decision-making team members. We also offer consultation calls, where we meet with your executive team to create a proposal plan specifically for your team.

Where can I learn more about Crystal?

Download Crystal’s bio and share it with your decision-making team members. Book a free consultation to experience Crystal’s magic!

Can speaking engagements be customized to meet my organization's unique needs?

Yes, we can customize speaking engagements for your unique group or event. Bring this up during your consultation call, and we can discuss which speaking topics you would like covered during your session.

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