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Black History Month – A Few Resources For You

Happy February!

On this 1st day of February in 2021, as we celebrate Black History Month with a brighter outlook on the future than we have ever had before, let us share some resources with you to understand the origins of Black history month better. 

  1. These articles by ASALH.org and history.com are great resources to share with your team. They are sure to initiate some great discussions on how your organization can recognize the accomplishments of those before us and how you can continue to celebrate Diversity and Inclusion in your organization. Both from an internal cultural perspective and the standpoint of your customers and potential customers. 
  2. The Welland Heritage council is hosting a FREE Black History Month celebration: All are welcome to join in. Register here for more details: Black History Month Celebration
  3. We’ve put together a few social media resources for you as well; feel to use these as inspiration as you celebrate Black History Month 2021!

As an organization that prides itself on IGNITING Leaders, EXCITING employees and DELIGHTING customers, Diversity and Inclusion is such a foundational element in our methodology. Our world is becoming more unique by the minute; as organizational leaders in the year 2021, getting a head start on equality and cultural sensitivity will be a game-changer. 

Connect with us today if you are interested in having your leadership team certified in Diversity and Inclusion. Government funding is still available to cover up to 80% of the cost. 

“Each person must live their life as a role model for others.” – Rosa Parks.

Celebrating Black History in Canada, 


Inside View.


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