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Is your Customer Experience happening by DEFAULT or DESIGN?

FACT: 80% of CEO’s say they deliver “superior” customer service, yet only 8% of their customers agree. 

FACT: Only 4% of unhappy consumers actually complain about their negative experiences. That means 96% will not complain, they just leave and don’t return! Leaving you to believe that you only have a small percentage of unhappy customers.

FACT: For every customer who actually complains, 4 out of every 100, 26 other customers decide to keep their complaints to themselves and simply take their business elsewhere!

If you are a small business owner, you really can’t afford to ignore customer service statistics like this, can you? Are you one of the 80% of small business in Canada struggling to design and Customer Service standards? Then keep reading!

To remain in business in the 21st century, with raving fans that are loyal for life, we must consistently be re-inventing our business practices to best suit our customers changing needs. If we are doing what we have always done, you guessed it… we will get what you have always gotten! Is your employee experience(EX) and customer experience(CX) happening by DEFAULT or DESIGN? It is time to get ahead of our customers’ expectations and UNLEASH EXPERIENCE EXCELLENCE. Let’s face it, customers today don’t just expect great service, they (we) DEMAND it!

In this 9-week certificate program, you will be equipped with tools for your specific business. 

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