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Happy World Compliment Day!

When was the last time you truly complimented a team member?

A compliment goes a long way, and in today’s virtual world, where we haven’t had the opportunity to share a high five, hug, handshake, or even share a smile in some cases, we need to get creative!

Did you know that 85% of employees are satisfied with a simple “thank you” for their daily efforts and accomplishments?

Showing gratitude for a teammate can drastically drive productivity and employee engagement. When we implement employee recognition programs in organizations, it’s the number one driver of increased productivity, customer service, and innovation. The results of a valued and appreciated employee are priceless. 

But the sad truth is 83% of organizations suffer from a lack of employee appreciation and recognition. Most employers barely offer some sort of consistent coaching process. Often compliments and appreciation is reserved for tenure milestones or during annual reviews. It’s time to change that, my friend!

To cultivate a culture of success in your organization, gather a small team, and start designing an environment where the team celebrates each other consistently and genuinely. We all know that company culture directly impacts employee engagement and retention. Almost 90% of employees recognized or complemented by their boss stated that they trusted that boss more.

And here is the thing… a compliment does not always have to come from the boss! Studies show that Peer-to-peer recognition is 36% more likely to make an impact than manager-only recognition. All in all, when Compliments start flowing, the energy is infectious, and the culture just feels great! Would you agree? 

The INSIDE view put together a few ways you might want to recognize your teammate, boss, employee, or someone you value today on World Compliment Day!!

  1. LinkedIn recommendations are a great way to publicly compliment and recognize someone. They last, and they take a bit of effort on your part. The person you are complimenting knows that and will greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness of the compliment!
  2. Send a video message. When someone can see and hear the genuine sincerity and care in your body language and tone of voice, the compliment is that much more impactful. 
  3. Take 10 minutes to chat (virtual, facetime, or in-person). Employees between the ages of 18 and 29 choose quality time as a top employee recognition option. Face-to-face and one-on-one time in this new virtual world are valued now more than ever before!
  4. Have something customized! There is no need to break the bank, a small token; maybe in their favourite colour, or if possible, customize something with their name and a compliment on it; this will warm their heart! Keep diversity in mind here. Can you recognize their uniqueness in a way that they will value? It’s incredible how the smallest gestures of positive, tangible reinforcement make a lasting impression. 
  5. Make a Certificate of appreciation online, email it, frame it and present it to the person. Keep it simple but meaningful!
  6. BONUS TIP: Keep your compliments simple, memorable, and personal. They might sound something like:

You’re a great listener! 

When you make up your mind, nothing stands in your way, and I appreciate that about you! 

Your perspective is always refreshing and highly insightful!

You’re always learning new things and trying to better yourself. That’s awesome; thank you!

That thing where you know when someone needs something? You’re always on that, and it means so much to me!

Our community is better because you’re in it.

Complimenting someone you care about often gets overlooked; we might think, “I already said thank you”, or “They know I appreciate them”. It takes such a small part of our day to recognize behaviour and truly authentically compliment someone on how they impact you. Today is the day, my friend! Be genuine, make it personal, and have fun with it! Get complimenting! 

  • We would love to hear your thoughts? 
  • Will you use one of these today? 
  • How do you cultivate a culture of compliments in your organization?
  • Do you have best practices or a story you would like to share?

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