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5 Simple ways to ACTION Diversity Equity and Inclusion in your organizations

In 2020 and 2021, we saw a large awakening to the value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). In life and at work….there were rallies, calls for change, and actions taken. We knew, and know, that emerging from the pandemic and planning for 2022, things will be different. So what are 3 easy ways to action DEI as we head into 2022?

1.       Review Your Marketing Assets

From the images, you use to the blog posts you write and the podcasts you release, review the visuals and language and make a plan for more inclusion as you plan for 2022. Ensure that the fonts and colours you use are legible (no more white font on a light grey background). Invite guests to your podcast that represent your customers’ diversity. 

2.       Listen to Your Team 

When you listen to your team, really listen, in a way that is safe for them to share their true feelings on the pulse of your organization, you will find insight and gain direction. When you engage with a 3rd party to capture employee sentiment, the trust factor increases, and your team becomes more candid. When listening, be open to hearing what they are saying, and brave enough to create an even better, safer environment for your team.

3.       Train Your Team

By training your team in the language of DEI, you will all have the same baseline from which to start making uncomfortable conversations more comfortable.

4.       Pay fairly

Review the salaries for your employees to ensure that you are providing equal pay for equal work, given levels of education and years of experience. Identify salary gaps, understand why those gaps exist and find ways to close them. 

5.       Celebrate together

Regardless of the diversity on your team, observe special days throughout the year – celebrate cultures, events, and historic moments. Have members of your team champion the celebrations, educate the team on the significance and the importance to acknowledge the celebration. Go a step further and involve your customers too! Be sure that your involvement in any celebration is authentic because your employees and customers will certainly recognize it.

Reminder: It’s okay to challenge yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to be uncomfortable. Diversity includes gender, sexual orientation, race, beliefs, physical abilities, mental wellness, neurological differences, and more. 

Ask yourself, what can you do to improve DEI as we move forward together?

What are the top 3 ways you will take action on DEI in 2022?

Written by:

Deepta Rayner

Senior Director of Customer Experience,

The INSIDE View Inc.

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