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3 Reasons Diversity in the workplace is a Competitive Edge!

There is no doubt that companies that have a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture outshine and outperform their competition. Diversity gives these companies a competitive edge.

Here are three reasons why:

70 % of diverse organizations are better positioned to capture new markets! Do you want to press the COVID- Reset button? Chances are you might need to gain a bit of market share, or perhaps even encroach in ew markets. Think about just how much having a diverse work environment can impact your bottom line, and alternatively, how impactful not having a diverse organization could impact your bottom line. 

Organizations that are high in racial diversity see 15 X more revenue and sales than those that are not diverse. Why? Because when you can appeal to a wide variety of people, and you have a wide variety of raving fans(your unique team), you reach more of your ideal (diverse) clients!

87% of diverse teams are better decision-makers than individuals. When you have unique perspectives, you can see problems and challenges from many different lenses. You can see how a person with a disability might use your product, or how a person of varying sexuality might be offended by your work, or how a race or religious group might feel disrespected or under-represented in your advertising.

The Beauty of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality, is that you have an opportunity to see things from a 360-degree view. You can hear from your diverse team how you might better appeal to our various markets. 

Going into 2021, Up-Level your skillset and learn what it takes to create a truly diverse and inclusive work environment!

Get Certified in Diversity and Inclusion and start seeing things with a whole new lens!

Crystal D’Cunha, Chief Experience Officer, The INSIDE View Inc.

Sources: www.whattobecome.com

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