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We work with you

to design epic customer experiences to achieve maximum profitability. The training and development that we specialize in are centered around:

  • Human behavior
  • Leadership development
  • 21st Century Innovation
  • Customer experience (Digital and Experiential)
  • Customer-centric culture
  • Strategic customer experience design

User experience fundamentals

Moments of truth & Voice of Customer data

  • Customer journey
  • Key performance indicators & return of organizational investment
  • Customer retention, referral, and reviews
  • Design thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Strategic sales science

Justify Your INSIDE View Course Selection 

For your convenience, we’ve provided justification for why this course adds value, in hopes that it will get your employer just as excited as you are about attending.

Give this some thought…

What happens if you invest in your team and they leave? What happens if you don’t and they stay?


What happens if you invest in Customer Experience and you don’t succeed? What if you do nothing? (think Blockbuster!)
Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you do nothing!

Key Training Features:

Self-paced learning, online, in person and guided options are all available

Earn your certification as a Customer Experience INSIDER (CXI)

Easy and comfortable payment options

Full access to online programming, Workbook, PDF downloads to support learning objectives, and Access to the CX INSIDERS Facebook groups

Mastery of the INSIDE view 7 steps to CX EXCELLENCE

Implementation of accountability. We help you take action to implement your learning.

Live interactive coaching available to support your learning journey

Depending on your location and business, funding options may be available.

Training, and Experiential Learning is our Specialty!

Inside View.
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We inspire leaders to design dynamic team environments and engineer epic customer experiences to achieve MAXIMUM PROFITABILITY & OUTSTANDING BUSINESS GROWTH!

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