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Customer Experience (CX) by default or design

How this will benefit your audience:

  • Whether we are talking about your internal customer or your experience customer, Design to Delight is a phrase I use often. It’s the concept of starting from the inside and working your way out! Organizations that are getting ahead in the 21st century are the ones who understand this and execute it well. Disney does it best! From crafting a custom color called “go away green” to paint their garbage bins so they’ll blend into the facade, to having a barbershop and hair salon on sight for cast members to look and feel their best at work, Disney has set the bar high and they have proven that delight happens BY DESIGN.  When I first meet with many organizations and ask them, is your customer or employee experience happening by default or by design, I almost always hear that it is happening by default! In this engaging keynote, I share my  7 steps to Customer Experience (CX) Mastery. Using the 7 core competencies of customer experience along with a strong Customer Experience (CX) foundation, you can begin to craft an experience that is like no other!  You will learn the 7 steps to Customer Experience Excellence and how they IGNITE your leaders, EXCITE your employees and DELIGHT your customers!!


Audiences that will benefit:

  • Customer Experience (CX) professionals, C-suite executives, directors, business owners, senior-level managers, sales professionals, HR, marketing, front line teams, and key contributors to business operations
    • Summits, conferences, and associations focused on design thinking and customer experience design
    • Organizations looking to pivot with a growth plan
    • Associations in the healthcare or medical profession or those undergoing transformational change
    • Human resources, organizational development, and training professionals
    • Organizations committed to continuous improvement and innovation
    • Organizations with a dedicated focus on cultivating a culture of success from the inside out! Organizations struggling with teamwork, and cultivating a culture of success
    • Teams struggling with job satisfaction and low employee engagement
    • Organizations experiencing increased turnover and low employee engagement

Your audience will learn:

      • How to enhance Employee Experience (EX) by design
      • How improved EX leads to a stronger Customer Experience (CX), improved sales and profitability
      • Elements of Design Thinking
      • The 6 core Customer Experience (CX) competencies
      • The 7 key steps to Customer Experience (CX) Excellence
      • A Customer Experience (CX) blueprint they can implement right away!
      • How to gather Voice of customer and Voice of employee data to drive business decisions,
      • Ways to motivate and publicly recognize your team that don’t cost an arm and a leg!
Can be delivered as:
Keynote, Breakout Sessions, Virtual Presentation, Lunch and Learn, Full Day Workshop

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