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CX Forum

CX Forum.

You know you’re doing something right when Customer Experience (CX) leaders are requesting to meet and learn with other Customer Experience (CX) leaders!  In recent times (COVID-19) we have learned that our customers’ expectations and behaviours have changed. With the constant evolution that brands, companies and people are having to make, leaders find their team members looking to them for the answers! The CX Forum was designed by Customer Experience (CX) leaders eager to learn from their peers on a global level. Created to enhance the concept of customer experience management it asks the question: What does it take to be a 100% committed, customer-centric leader? 


We’ve developed a unique approach to sharing best-in-class Customer Experience (CX) industry insights. The CX Forum is a white-glove, exclusive, invitation-only event designed specifically for C-suite executives, directors, and business owners (Directors of HR/ Marketing/Sales/ Operations, Chief Customer Officers, Global Head/VP/Directors of Customer Experience (CX), Chief Customer Experience Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operations Officers, VP of  HR/ Marketing/Sales/ Operations etc.)

Typically, these leaders own or operate businesses generating a minimum of $10M+ in annual revenue and have 30+ team members from a variety of industries. 

Working together with a leadership team, we pioneer discussions around cutting edge Customer Experience Design, and look ahead to see what business challenges might arise in the coming years. These solution-focused discussions are carefully crafted to maximize time and learning. Professionally facilitated, forum members gain critical insights they can implement in their businesses right away!  The peer-to-peer connections forged are life-long.

<h4 “>Define your leadership style

Attendees will walk away with answers to questions such as: What type of Customer Focused Leader do you want to be? What will it take for you to get there? How can you improve on your current leadership abilities? How can you share your best practices with others?

Be inspired to inspire

Attendees will walk away with the motivation they need to rally the troops, inspire their teams, and cultivate a culture of success! Visionary leaders must be confident and discover their unique perspective on training and development, business, technology, and more!

<h4 “>Connect with the best in the biz!

Attendees can’t wait to connect with each other IN PERSON! With the way our world has changed in 2020, virtual platforms have become the new way of connecting but not for this group. The CX Forum members have a strict mandate:  the human connections formed when we are all together in one room is infectious. The foundation of our CX Forum is the meaningful and everlasting human connection we make and the relationships we form.

A few things to know:

Each event is held at an exclusive location, paying special attention to the experience our forum members will receive

A minimum 1-year commitment is required

We meet twice a year in person and twice a year virtually

We have a maximum of 20 members in our forum at any given time

We welcome non-competing industries through an application process.

The environment is highly confidential

We welcome Customer Experience (CX) Leaders and practitioners

Leaders must commit to an equal amount of delivering value and taking value

Leaders are held accountable to actioning their commitment to the Customer Experience (CX)

As the CX Forum was formed at the request of its members, we’ve kept the cost comfortable for your budget. Annual membership is $7500 or $750/month (Including learning materials, content development, food, and beverages. Exclusive of travel and accommodations)

Due to the global pandemic of 2020, COVID 19, our next Forum will begin in Fall 2021, as we prefer for these to be in-person events. Typical Forum schedule:

  • 2 Days in Fall- Live CX Forum Meeting – (Location to be confirmed)
  • 1 Day in Winter – Virtual meeting
  • 2 Days in Spring – Live CX Forum Meeting – (Location to be confirmed)
  • 1 Day in Summer – Virtual meeting

Membership applications Will be opening soon. Our CX insiders will be the first to know! Be sure to register to become a CX INSIDER to stay in the know!

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